NATO response to Russian T-14 Armata

NATO response to T-14 Armata

The T-14 Armata is a new and advanced main battle tank, as well as the first next generation tank to enter serial production. British intelligence views the unmanned turret as providing many advantages. It has been described as a major concern for Western armies. However, western observers question the economics of Russia’s modern tanks like the T-90 and T-14 to be available in significant numbers. Russia claims the tank’s main armament is twenty years ahead of comparable Western tank guns and renders existing NATO anti-tank weaponry obsolete. In response to the Armata, German Rheinmetall AG has developed a new 130mm L/51 tank gun, claiming it provides a 50% increased armor penetration over the 120mm L/55 in service with the Bundeswehr today. Additionally, Germany and France have joined efforts to develop an unspecified “main ground combat system” (MGCS) to compete with the technological advances of the Armata and replace both the Leclerc and Leopard 2 MBTs around 2030.

Source: Wikipedia


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