Huge amount of tanks and armoured vehicles being moved to the East Coast and West Coast. Is US preparing for a major war?

Photos of US Humvees and Stryker combat vehicles patrolling the streets of Manbij are surreal, a reminder that we no longer are under Barack Obama’s restrained doctrine. US generals are now in full control of US policy in Syria.

President Donald Trump is making good on his campaign promise not to tell the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) about his plans to defeat them, yet both allies and foes are puzzled by that new approach.

What is unmistakably true though is that recent changes in the structure, process and tactics of US policy are setting a new tone in northern Syria.

Unlike the centralised approach of his predecessor, the current US president has a hands-off approach – or rather, a preferential treatment – when it comes to the military.

While the CIA halted its coordinated aid to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) last month and the state department is nowhere to be found in either Astana or Geneva peace talks, military commanders have enough margin to decide on launching air strikes and making operational decisions. Having the Pentagon unilaterally shape the Syria policy is the paramount change in Washington.

Next came the change in the US mindset. The new plan to combat ISIL did not inherit the Obama administration’s bewildered approach to Syria.

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5 thoughts on “Huge amount of tanks and armoured vehicles being moved to the East Coast and West Coast. Is US preparing for a major war?

      1. Jackie B

        I just saw this Saturday June 17th 2017 on my drive back from California. They were heading east.


    1. sayanim sux

      If Trump wanted to stop ISIS? He would simply withdraw support- arming, funding and training (like his campaign promised he’d do). Our GCC NATO allies would fast follow suit. He vowed to DISENGAGE & DISMANTLE.
      Instead, Trojan Horse Trump has knuckled under to the Zionists plan to destroy the M.E. and Trojan is ramping up the war over there for Israeli benefit. Recall Trojan’s loud braying that he would take “no special interest $”?? Well he took 100 M USD from casino sayanim traitor Shelden Adelson and now Trojan’s payin’ the piper- at America’s expense.


      1. Anonymous

        Sorry but units and equipment are rotated in and out bases around the world . At times it could be for some type of upgrades, technology is always changing.
        The important thing is Trump is rebuilding our military after eight years of decay. I have spent hours crawling over damaged equipment looking for reusable parts.
        Cpl Gregory Nordin 1 marine 2 Batt


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