Report: Despite claims to the contrary, US sends Peshmerga SF soldiers to Rojava, Syria

U.S.-led counter-Daesh coalition has no plans to work with the Syrian Kurdish militia, Rojava Peshmerga, in Syria, Daily Sabah learned on Tuesday.
Northern Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)-allied Rojava Peshmerga forces are considered to be the armed wing of the Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS), an umbrella group for Kurdish political parties in north Syria, except the PKK terrorist organization’s Syrian political wing, the Democratic Union Party (PYD).
The U.S.-led coalition has largely allied itself with the PYD and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which exclude Iraq-based Rojava Peshmerga, a force of 5,000 fighters trained by KRG forces.
“We do not have any plans to use the Rojava Peshmerga as a partner force in Syria. They were not trained by Coalition forces,” Col. John Dorrian, the spokesman of Operation Inherent Resolve, said in an email to Daily Sabah.
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