White House ‘considering potential attack’ to liberate al-Hudaydah port, Yemen

US official sources have confirmed to Al Arabiya a White House meeting is set this week to discuss the situation in Yemen, specifically the port of al-Hudaydah.

US officials and non-officials have leaked some details of the UAE plan to liberate Hudaydah. The evidence points that some UAE forces would land at the port while the United States assists with Special Forces, air and sea backup and surveillance. The biggest challenge will be to maintain the liberated lands from counter-attacks by the Houthis and their allies.

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One thought on “White House ‘considering potential attack’ to liberate al-Hudaydah port, Yemen

  1. Alexandra topolska

    Please notify that:
    1.Saudi-USA military intervention in Yemen is not against Houthies but against Yemeni people
    2.most of the Yemen population don’t want Hadi and his people to be their president and government
    3.there is no electricity in capital city for 2 years!!!
    4.people live their normal lives under daily bombs
    5.Iran has nothing to do with Yemen, stop using it as an excuse for horror which Saudies are doing here



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