US starts to unload military equipment from 'Green Ridge' into Northern Poland

Beginning in early 2017, NATO’s enhanced forward presence will comprise multinational forces provided by framework nations and other contributing Allies on a voluntary, sustainable and rotational basis.
They will be based on four rotational battalion-size battlegroups that will operate in concert with national home defence forces, and will be present in the host countries.
Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States are the framework nations for the robust multinational presence in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland respectively.
Other Allies confirmed contributions to these forces:  Albania, Italy, Poland , Slovenia and Spain will contribute to the Canadian-led battalion in Latvia; Belgium, Croatia (2018), the Czech Republic (2018), France (2018), Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway will join the German-led battalion in Lithuania; Denmark (2018) and France will contribute to the UK-led battalion in Estonia, and Romania and the United Kingdom will join the US-led battalion in Poland.
It will also be complemented by the necessary logistics and infrastructure to support pre-positioning and facilitate rapid reinforcement.
The four battlegroups will come under NATO command.
Source: NATO

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