UK to send “The legendary 3 (Fighter) Squadron” w/ their Typhoons to Romania to deter Russia in the Black Sea skies

UK Defence Secretary speech:

Today I can announce the legendary 3 (Fighter) Squadron…who earned their wings in two world wars…will now be deployed to Romania from May… this time to protect Black Sea skies.

3rd Squadron has a glorious history. 100 years ago it was a fighter scout unit assisting our forces in the trenches.

In World War 2 it was at the forefront of our air defences destroying nearly V1 flying bombs. More recently it took tours of Sierra Leone and Iraq during the second gulf war and it was the first frontline Squadron to be equipped with Typhoons which will now be leading our efforts to confront aggression…with the UK the first nation to provide jets to support this particular mission.

All the while, we’re supporting NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence and last week dispatched troops to Estonia.

So our new force in Estonia will not just be working closely with Allies to provide reassurance but assisting NATO efforts to counter the misinformation of a “post-truth” age. Next month, a British Army team, including Royal Navy and Air Force personnel, will participate in Exercise Locked Shield organised by the NATO Cyber Defence Centre in Tallinn…it is designed to see how an international team of experts can defend a simulated network from attack. Now, all these actions are proportionate and defensive.


One thought on “UK to send “The legendary 3 (Fighter) Squadron” w/ their Typhoons to Romania to deter Russia in the Black Sea skies

  1. J

    I feel sorry for them if they ever tangle with Russia. These idiotic manoevers are neither proportionate, nor defensive. They are a direct provocation to Russia. Luckily for these pilots, Russia is the only adult in the room at the moment. Post-truth my arse.



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