Russia conducts massive Air-Defence drill in the Eastern district involving about 1,500 pieces of military hardware

Air defence missile units of the Eastern military district repelled massive missile and aviation strikes of the simulated enemy in Buryatia in course of an active stage of the exercise on controlling air defence and air force grouping.
Crews of Tor-M2U, Buk, Strela-10M, and Osa air defence complexes carried out more than 50 missile launches against targets, which had imitating cruise missile, unmanned aerial vehicles, and aviation of the simulated enemy.
Practical stage of the exercise will last until next week. Crews of S-400, S-300, and Pantsyr-S air defence complexes as well as Su-30SM, Su-25, Mi-24 and Mi-8AMTSh aircraft are taking part in the exercise too.
In total, more than 1,500 pieces of armament and military hardware are involved in the exercise.
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