Ex-Army eyewitness says four trains carrying an entire Armored Combat Brigade were headed to South Florida “that’s a deployment”


“I caught a Military Transport Train headed to South Florida (of all places). I’m ex-Army, and this is baffling even to my active-duty buddies. Can’t figure out where they are going to. If they were going to Afghanistan or a similar area, they would have left from the West Coast, not Florida. The assumption is that they are headed to somewhere in Europe to beef up border defenses among NATO nations in the event of a war. Keep in mind, that there were a total of 4 trains that carried an entire Armored Combat Brigade Team. I was only in a position to record the 4th and final train (It has Bradley’s, Abrams, Howitzers, etc), and hundreds of ‘containers’ that most likely holds support equipment and munitions.

The military equipment includes the following:

M992 Field Artillery Ammunition Supply Vehicle (FAASV)
M109A6 155mm
M1 Abrams
M198 155mm towed howitzer
M88A2 Recovery Vehicle
Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV)
M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Up-Armored M1078 LMTV
HMMWV Variant
M1087 MTV, Van Expansible
M1089 MTV, Wrecker
M1083 MTV, Cargo

All of the ‘trucks’ are part of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV).”

(1) Full Video:

(2) Full Video:


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