US and ROK forces continue to move tanks by rail/road in the northern area of South Korea

The Trump administration has been exploring options, including use of military force, to counter North Korea’s growing nuclear and missile threat.
Meanwhile, some US media, most notably Geopolitical Futures, are reporting that US military action on the Korean Peninsula is increasingly likely.
They interpret the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan joining the USS Carl Vinson off the coast of Japan – putting two carriers near the Korean Peninsula – as a sign that the US military is ready to attack North Korea at any time with fighters and Tomahawk missiles.
Their hawkish argument appears to be convincing amid heightened tensions in the region, propelled by North Korea’s continuing ballistic missiles for three weeks in a row.
But more than a few leading military experts in Japan, South Korea and the US still say that military options against North Korea are all-but-impossible.
Any US military action against Pyongyang entails high damage risks on Seoul and Tokyo, they say, and they believe the US will be forced to shelve plans for military intervention eventually.
Anyone who claims the US will attack North Korea sooner or later should consider this question: If the Trump administration is really serious about attacking Pyongyang, why doesn’t the US issue any Noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEO) order for more than 100,000 Americans in Seoul?
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