Armoured vehicles, including Air Def systems, spotted in North East India today as China beefs up positions on Sikkim border

India and China have both rushed additional troops to the frontier region of Sikkim in the High Himalayas after a clash earlier this month.
India said Chinese troops crossed the Line of Actual Control on Jun 10 at Lalten outpost and smashed two Indian bunkers before being stopped by a ‘human chain’ formed by Indian soldiers.
But there was no firing and a timely flag meeting helped control the situation.
The Chinese foreign office broke its silence on Tuesday, blaming Indian troops for crossing the Line of Actual Control (LAC) to stop some construction by the Chinese.
Chinese officials in the Tibet Autonomous Region have said they will not allow Indian pilgrims to visit Manas Sarvovar lake in Tibet until the faceoff between Indian and Chinese troops is resolved.
Chinese troops crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Indian state of Sikkim on Jun 10, smashed two bunkers before they were stopped by Indian soldiers.
“They tried to push further and they were filming the action. We stopped them and managed to push them back. But neither we nor they fired” said an Indian brigadier on condition of anonymity.
He insisted there was no firing and the situation was now said to be under control.
Indian and Chinese troops have usually been involved in aggressive border patrolling over a disputed frontier since bilateral relations nosedived as the Modi administration stepped up the ante on a host of contentious issues.
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