US seems busy in the east of Al Mayadin, Deir ez-Zor countryside, it is also reported Coalition’s intention to develope an advanced military base around al-Omar oilfield (2x Black Hawk)

Soldiers from the United States are preventing Syrian government troops from moving to the northern part of the country, especially the eastern zone of Deir-Ezzor, Russian Ministry of Defense (MINDEF).

One of the main directions in the work of Syrian authorities is the return to Deir-Ezzor, which is controlled by the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces, which are protected by the United States, the MINDEF said.

However, the U.S. troops deployed in that region prevent the resumption of work by Syrian state entities, the Russian Ministry noted.

It is impossible for the Syrians to return to the eastern region of the Euphrates River, due to the absence of bridges or other roads to reach the other shore, after they were destroyed by the U.S.-led coalition.

The MINDEF also accused the United States of preventing the passing of humanitarian convoys to the city of Raqqa, a former bastion of the Islamic State (IS) and attacked by the western coalition under the pretext of anhilitating that extremist group.

However, the Russian Ministry said that hundreds of bodies, of civilians mostly, remain under the rubble in Raqqa. The United Nations Human Rights Council had to recognize the worrying humanitarian situation in that city and the responsibility of the West in that case.

In addition, in the aforementioned city is affected by contagious diseases that may become an epidemic with the onset of the summer season, the MINDEF pointed out.


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