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Canada keeps sending LAV6 IFVs (some equipped with 105mm gun) to Saudi Arabia despite tensions

Canada keeps sending LAV6 IFVs to Saudi Arabia.

Eight covered LAV6 were recently loaded on a train headed to St John Harbour, Canada in order to be exported to Saudi Arabia.
A Canadian defence contractor will be selling fewer armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia than originally planned, according to new documents obtained by CBC News.
That could be a mixed blessing in light of the ongoing diplomatic dispute between the two countries, say human rights groups and a defence analyst.
The scaled-back order — implemented before the Riyadh government erupted in fury over Canada’s public criticism of Saudi Arabia’s arrest of activists and froze new trade with Canada this summer — could make it politically less defensible for the Liberal government, which has argued it’s in the country’s business and economic interests to uphold the deal.
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The order also includes 119 LAV 6 vehicles of the “heavy assault” type, with powerful 105 millimetre canons affixed to their turrets, which were still under development at the time the documents were written.
Another 119 are configured as “anti-tank” vehicles and a further 119 are designated as “direct fire” support, with a two-man turret and 30 millimetre chain gun.
The remaining vehicles include ambulances, mobile command posts, VIP transports and recovery vehicles equipped with cranes.
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