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Ukrainian sources report an increase in military activity (T-64, T-72, BMP, MT-LB, 2S3 Akatsiya) around Kyiv both day and night

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have taken control over the village of Novo-oleksandrivka in Luhansk region, the settlement located in the so-called “grey zone”.

The advance saw no violations of the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian military say. “[The retaking of Novo-oleksandrivka] took place a few days ago.

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal details of the operation,” press secretary of the ATO Headquarters, Vasyl Labai, told UNIAN. “We are strengthening or re-building our defensive positions, while separate units can improve tactical positions in certain areas, but it is not about violating the Minsk agreements,” Labai said.

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BMPs (infantry fighting vehicles) moving through the streets of Hrodna, Belarus, close to Poland and Lithuania borders

Russia’s state-owned news agencies Pravda and RIA Novosti reported 22 January that the US’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) intends to study the infrastructure of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Finland and Poland for wartime preparedness. All of these countries, apart from Moldova, have borders with Russia.

The final DLA reports will (reportedly) include “data on sources of water and products, fuel, medicines, industrial equipment and clothing as well as information on construction materials and equipment, production capacities and mobilization opportunities. In addition, the US military is reported to be interested in the transport infrastructure of these countries – ports, roads, airports, bridges and ferries”.

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