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US is developing one of its biggest military base in Southern Syria surrounded by various smaller outposts

US is developing one of its biggest military base in Southern Syria, including an airstrip, surrounded by various smaller outposts.

Recently we see consistent progress about US presence in Syria mainly near At-Tanf, but this latest finding confirms US serious intention to take control of that area.

Soon you will get coordinates update here and/or on Twitter @m3t4_tr0n


US developed another small military outpost near al-Tanf, Syria’s southern border with Jordan and Iraq

During the last months US developed several garrisons in Syria’s southern border with Jordan and Iraq,

official reason still unknown, what we know is pro-Syrian government forces pushing to take back the area building their own military outposts,

and Obama administration trained Syrian rebels in Jordan for years, it means southern Syria is important for US and its allies, hard to believe they will leave it so easily after Raqqa/ISIS’s fall.

New satellite images (June 2017) show US developing a military outpost inside Syria near the border with Jordan

US forces and its allies developed a military outpost near at-Tanf, several armoured vehicles including tanks are stationed inside the military base. Situation remians tense since pro-Syrian government forces have expanded their footprint in that area too.