Russian frigate & submarine fire cruise missiles at ISIS targets near Palmyra, MoD

The Russian warships, a frigate named Admiral Essen and submarine named Krasnodar, fired Kalibr cruise missiles on combat vehicles and militants outside the Syrian city of Palmyra, the Defense Ministry said.

The four cruise missiles were fired from the eastern Mediterranean, it noted in a statement. The submarine fired its missiles while submerged.

According to the MoD, “[the ships] targeted an area east of Palmyra, where the militants’ heavy weaponry and manpower were located. The militants moved there from Raqqa. All targets have been destroyed,” it said.

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Norwegian troops arrive in Lithuania

Norwegian soldiers have arrived in Lithuania. Norway has sent around 200 troops to the country to join a multinational NATO battlegroup led by the Germans. The move is in support of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence which has seen the creation of three other battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia and Poland.

Latest North Korean KN-17 missile test

With Monday’s missile test, North Korea appeared to have succeeded in developing a new ballistic missile capable of striking South Korean and US warships operating on the peninsula, possibly US aircraft carriers, experts in South Korea said Tuesday.

The North fired what is considered to be a variant of a Scud-type missile from the North’s coastal city of Wonsan on Monday, which flew at least 450 kilometers, according to South Korean military.

The projectile is believed to be the same type of anti-ship ballistic missile revealed at the North’s military parade on April 15. Named “KN-17” by the US government, the missile is capable of targeting aircraft carriers with precision-guidance system.

Pyongyang on Tuesday claimed success in the launch, saying the projectile was able to “make ultra-precision strike” through a “precision control guidance system.”

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China has recently relocated its military forces inside Eastern Theatre Command, including PGZ95s (air def)

Photos show Chinese military convoys belonging to PLA Eastern Theater Command moving in formation through an urban area. They were marching to the new barracks where they would be stationed.

Spanish military forces recently spotted on Melilla’s streets, an autonomous city near the border with Morocco

Spanish military vehicles roll through Melilla’s streets, probably on their way to stem migrant flow near border’s fence with Morocco.

North Korea tests new anti-aircraft system (S-300 copy), ordered its mass production and deployment throughout the country

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has supervised the test of a new anti-aircraft weapon system and has ordered its mass production and deployment throughout the country.

The state’s news agency KCNA did not report the exact nature of the weapon or the time of the test but said it was organised by the Academy of National Defence Science.

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Norwegian military hardware arrives in Lithuania

From May 23 to 24, SNMG1 escorted the MV Hartland Point to Lithuania with a cargo of military equipment for Norwegian troops about to deploy to the region. The ships met in the western Baltic on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 and sailed together until the civilian vessel reached the port of Klaipeda the next morning. During the transit the ships of SNMG1, composed of Flagship HNoMS Roald Amundsen and HNLMS Evertsen, conducted several standardized procedures and drills.